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Supply Chain Management

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I am a management consultant that specializes in supply chain management. The interaction between different companies in the supply chain is becoming more and more complex and frequently embraces the entire globe. I help you bring transparency to the extensive actions of your supply chain. With a clear view on decisions concerning location, suppliers and the right IT system as well as forecasts on sales volume and scheduling of employees.

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You receive a prepared template which you fill in with the required data, and you receive an visualization of the value flow of your finish goods and raw material, analysis of the logistics cost structure, a summary of the key findings, recommended action and the possible future savings.


Several factors have made crafting a supply chain and sourcing strategy a central focus for firms, including rapid changes in demand for products and services, the globalization of the economy, and the availability of advanced planning and communication tools for coordinating the activities of supply chain participants.

Planning and Forecasting

All parts in stock, except the one you need? A typical problem caused by inaccurate planning and forecasting. Forecasting is one of the most difficult and also one of the most crucial tasks in your business and effects compound each further step along the supply chain.

Modern Procurement

Suppliers as partners? Collaboration? Connectivity? Foreign concepts in that day! Modern purchasing is different.

Lean Management Principles

The central goal of Lean Management is: Generating value without wastage – So creating decent utility for the customer with the least amount of effort possible.

Transport Networks

The overriding goal when building a transport network is always a sustainable utilization of the right transport capacities and, as a result, a reduction in overall transport costs


Social distancing is one of the recommended measures to slow down the spread of the virus. As a result, many companies have had to adapt to remote working, which accelerates the inevitable development towards Industry 4.0 standards.
This must also apply to consulting. That is why I offer most services as a remote service. The effectiveness does not suffer, and for the customers it is even cheaper, because travel expenses are saved.

The Expert

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Jochen Klein

Supply Chain Expert / Certified Lean Master

Top experienced interim manager, expert and project manager.

Successful in catalysing teams and delivering complex change management initiatives in B2B and B2C sectors. Recognized for ecosystems mindset and ability to merge fragmented elements of value chain into integrated networks. Enabled continuously within short timelines end-to-end supply chain performance upgrade for complex business structures. Implemented robust operational practices leveraging technology, optimization algorithms and market intelligence to enable cost and flow optimization. Activated the culture of continuous improvement through lean practices. Accelerated overall agility by engineering robust processes and integrating Industry 4.0 solutions.

I live my vocation for purchasing, logistics and supply chain management from the heart and with enthusiasm. As my customer you can profit from this!


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