Interim and Change Management


Interim Management is very different from temp-staffing


The interim manager is self-employed and is not in an employment relationship. The form of the activity differs substantially from the temporary personnel work.

The interim manager always operates with a managerial or expert role. With 10 to 20 years of proven management experience, a high level of implementation strength is associated. The interim manager is usually installed at middle or top management hierarchical levels – not bound by instructions, but authorized to give instructions.

Interim Management not only for bridging vacancies!

The market for interim management is currently growing significantly every year. The background is the increasing demand due to strongly changing markets, but also the lack of specialists and executives. Furthermore, interim management is an interesting alternative to permanent employment. Short-term availability and full flexibility are, in addition to the extensive experience of most interim managers, the main advantages of interim management. But not only bridging vacancies are the fields of activity of interim managers, but also taking over difficult projects and change processes which cannot be taken over by permanent employees are among the essential tasks. New dynamics in cost savings as well as process and workflow improvements are also important aspects for an interim manager.

With leadership training and coaching to success!

Coaching is often misunderstood. Coaching does not mean giving advice to the manager or the client, which tells him in which way a solution should look like, rather coaching helps the client to find an individual way for a solution. The essential difference is that the coached person is strengthened and is therefore well prepared for future challenges. Advice, on the other hand, has the opposite effect and can often only be applied to a specific situation and is therefore much more rigid than good coaching. Advice weakens rather than strengthens. They are usually well-intentioned, but not very helpful.